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Embedding a portlet in the theme – velocity template

Liferay themes are developed using the Velocity template language (.vm extention). It has Liferay built-in features to perform special activity. We can embed a built-in Liferay portlet or a plugin portlet which can be either instanceable or non-instanceable portlets. Here …

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Calendar or Date difference in Java – example difference in day, hour, minute and second

This example shows how to to get Calendar or Date difference in day, hour, minute and second using Java code. First, get the date in milliseconds for both of the date object and then get their difference. Finally divide it by …

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Loading bar on Image loading using javascript

We some times need to show loading bar or “please wait…”  while loading a big image. We can do it very easy using simple javascript. Below is the javascript method to do the same. We have used one ajax rotating …

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Java – get calendar time of other time zone

Java java.util.TimeZone class represents time zones. We can do easy calendar arithmetic across time zones in conjunction with the java.util.Calendar class. Here is an example which prints all the available time zones: String TimeZoneIds[] = TimeZone.getAvailableIDs(); for (String zoneId: TimeZoneIds) { System.out.println(zoneId); } The below method …

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Showing Liferay Web Content in Custom Portlet

You can easily create a portlet to show web content. First of all, you create few a web content from Control panel. Now create a portlet to the content. The jsp page needs only the below line to show content …

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liferay-ui:input-date – how to display only month and year

I am in need just show month and year field. However, liferay-ui:input-date show all the three fields by default along with the calendar icon. I did this using jQuery, I have written code to hide the field as per need. For …

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How to convert decimal to binary in Java with Example

This tutorial explains how to Convert decimal value into binary value. Integer class of java.lang package contains a method toBinaryString() which takes a decimal int value as argument and returns binary String value. Here is the complete program. import; …

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